Educational Visits

We welcome school, college and groups from educational institutions. A visit to The Gibberd Garden provides ample opportunities to address many aspects of the National Curriculum including Art and Design, English, Mathematics, ITC and Science. Children are able to develop their creativity and imagination by seeing a great variety of sculptures made from different materials and of different sizes. They can record from first hand experience and use this in their own work. We are sure your learners will value the expeience

We have a minimum number of visitors of 10 and a maximum of 60.

Garden available any weekday (not Wednesday pm.)

Admission is £1.50 per child under 16 years; £2.50 per student 16 - 21 years

Teachers and accompanying adults are free on ratio of 1 adult per 5 children (Primary) and 1 adult per 8 pupils ( Secondary ).

Suggested time for visit 2 hours

Being an important 20th Century Garden designed by an renowned Architect it is a vital source of inspiration for students of all areas of design.

Please ring 01279 442112 to make a booking or email. Once a booking has been confirmed, the organising teacher is entitled to a free visit to work out a suitable programme and complete a Risk Assessment. A trail is available for Primary Schools to use as a basis.

Please be aware that one boundary of the grounds is a brook, there are other water features and some plants are poisonous.

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